Emitted Energy

Infrared Quartz Heaters

Emitted Energy Corporation manufactures Short-wave and Medium-wave infrared emitters. Each with the ability to be completely customized to your specifications, allow us to help you make the right selection to fit your needs.

There are 5 main categories of infrared emitters that we manufacture. All categories can provide you short-wave or medium-wave along with a variety of options to provide you with the optimal solution for your infrared heating technology needs.

Ring Emitters

When you need to apply precise heat in configurations up to 360 degrees, ring emitters are your best option. Made from custom shaped pure quartz and gold reflectors, each emitter is designed and manufactured to meet your specifications.

Single Tube Emitters

For some applications, an infrared emitters consisting of just one heating filament in a quartz tube may be just the right thing. These emitters are made of high-quality quartz glass, in most cases shorter than twin tube infrared emitters and equipped with gold reflectors as required. Designed and manufactured to meet your specifications.

Twin-tube Emitters

Twin tube infrared technology offers twice the power in the same package. Providing higher radiation density and improved mechanical stability, twin tube emitters are becoming very popular to apply quick and precise heating. Dimensions and filaments of all the infrared emitters are designed and manufactured to your specifications.

Contour Emitters

Some applications require specific and precise heat control with very unique shapes and contours in which to apply heat. Custom designed and manufactured quartz emitters to fit your application, Emitted Energy is here to solve your heating needs.

Specialty Emitters

There are many different applications that can utilize infrared emitters. Don't let your need of fitting a specific profile or meeting a certain size deter you from an optimal solution. Emitted Energy offers special and fully custom emitter solutions, from 3D contouring to true 360° heat profiles.