TEDERIC Machinery Manufacture (China) Co., Ltd.

Information Exchange within the Industry-delegation of ENGEL GROUP visited TEDERIC

On Sep 16th, 2010, a delegation of seven members from ENGEL GROUP headed by the CEO MR.NUEMANN and Mrs. NUEMANN, CFO MR. MAGRINGER paid a great visit to the headquarter of TEDERIC in Hang Zhou; accompanied by The Chairman of TEDERIC MR. Terry, Deputy General Manager Mrs. He and Mr. Wu. During the visit, the top leaders from the both sides had talks in a friendly atmosphere.

TEDERIC came as a rising power to the Plastic Industry. Through six years unremitting efforts, the technical economical index of Tederic has entered the top five ranges of IMM manufacturers in China [according to the investigation report from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)], and has become a focus within the industry. TEDERIC is the best supplier of IMM for pipe fittings in China, and enjoys high reputation in Auto and Home Appliances Industry.

During the visit, the Chairman of TEDERIC, MR. Terry made detailed introductions to the software and the hardware of TEDERIC, and gave detailed answers to several questions from Mr. NUEMANN. When walked to the latest series IMM(DREAM series)D250 of TEDERIC, top leaders from both sides had long discussions which lasted for 15 minutes. And they gave unanimous praises to the fine design and manufacturing of D250. In the end of the visit, Mr. NUEMANN said with admiration “finally I know why the industry of China can develop in such a high speed, just because there are thousands of enterprises which are innovative and professional like TEDERIC. There is not doubt that TEDERIC will have a more successful future under the leadership of MR. TERRY and you present here”. Mr. NUEMANN also made his invitation to TEDERIC to visit ENGEL after the K 2010 Trade Fair, and to have more in-depth talks.