InfiChem: New Technology for Recycling Polyurethanes

Indiana based InfiChem Polymers LLC (ICP) claimes to be first in North America to implement the process that converts polyurethane scrap foam into new green polyols for polyurethanes, trademarked INFIGREEN Polyols. In 2009, ICP completed the construction and validation of its first production facility located in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

The process was developed by the founders of ICP, and initial research was funded in part through the Cooperative Research and development Agreement (CRADA) between the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), The Vehicle Recycle Partnership (VRP) of the U.S. Council for Automotive Research (USCAR), and the Automotive Group of the American Chemistry Council - Plastics Division (ACC-PD).

ICP's technology is based on glycolysis process which chemically depolymerizes polyurethanes into liquid initiators, which are used to produce INFIGREEN Polyols. The first generation of INFIGREEN Polyols have greater than 60% recycled content and, as such, they are the first commercially available polyols of this kind. INFIGREEN Polyols can also be used in spray foam applications, flexible foams, elastomers, and other traditional polyurethane applications.

More Information: www.infichempolymers.com