Industry enters ’11 with [cautious] optimism


By all accounts, the second half of 2010 saw a strong, sustained surge in activity within the plastics sector, pushing business to levels not seen in years. In January, MPW spoke with several suppliers to the market, trying to gauge their sentiments for the new year and whether the recovery will continue.

As welcome as double-digit growth can be, the difficulty comes in tempering expectations that it can be sustainable. For auxiliary equipment supplier Conair (Cranberry Township, PA), 2010 revenues were up 20-25% over 2009 levels, according to VP global sales and marketing, Larry Doyle. So what does 2011 hold?

"For 2011, we've taken a very conservative approach. We've said, 'Look, the market's going to be relatively flat. We don't anticipate any huge growth.' I think it's playing it very conservatively." Doyle said, before adding with a laugh. "I hope I'm as wrong about 2011 as I was about 2010."...
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