Industry coalition takes on medical plastics recycling


A consortium of companies spanning healthcare, recycling, and waste management have banded together to address plastics recycling in the healthcare market, considering the issue from product design and manufacturing through product use, disposal, and reclaim. The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC), which draws members from medical and waste luminaries such as Becton Dickinson and Co. Cardinal Health, Engineered Plastics, DuPont, Hospira, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, and Waste Management, describes itself as "a technical coalition seeking to inspire and enable sustainable, cost-effective recycling solutions for plastic products and materials used in the delivery of healthcare."

At this time, the coalition is tackling three primary initiatives. The first initiative, healthcare plastics value-chain mapping, will define the healthcare value chain and identify issues and barriers along the value chain that disable plastics recycling. The second initiative, design for recycling guidelines, focuses on developing a document that articulates product and packaging design considerations that could enhance recycling potential and value. The third initiative, pilot study programs within healthcare facilities, will build a data model to facilitate economic analysis of plastics recycling....

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