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Industry award 2010 for PARALIGN

ARALIGN: The Innovation

PARALIGN wins the industry award 2010 of Huber Publishing for New Media in the category service - presented on the Hannover fair 2010!

The innovation in PARALIGN is the totally new measurement concept for machine surveying by employing inertial measurement technology. Formerly this measurement concept was only used in navigation systems for air- and spacecrafts. By the inertial measurement technology it is no longer necessary to measure with optical or mechanical systems such as theodolites or gauging tools. The traditional systems need a complex measurement setup which is very time consuming and makes the repeatability and transparency of the measurement often hardly possible.

Time is money; in particular for huge and expensive production lines like paper machines or steel factories. Therefore, downtimes are reduced as far as possible while the production speeds are raised to a maximum. The alignment precision requirements increase with the demand for higher production speeds. As a consequence the machine should be perfectly aligned, on the other hand the time frame for machine alignment is reduced. PARALIGN gives an essential solution to solve this conflict. The simple measurement concept and the fact that no peripheral devices are needed any more make the measurement up to ten times faster than traditional measurement concepts. Thus the time frame for industrial alignment can be reduced while the productivity is raised.

By using the new technology the alignment accuracy can be raised as well. Housings or multi layer machine setups do no longer influence the accuracy of the measurements. Especially in compact machine setups with high precision requirements this advantage is very important to fulfil the machine manufacturer’s requirements.

Thus PARALIGN is a new benchmark in speed and precision of machine surveying. More than 1000 customers all over the world count on the new technology. Our constantly growing business development all over the world confirms the advantages of the new concept.

Like the first laser shaft alignment system 26 years ago, PARALIGN today is the pathbreaking technology of PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment systems. We permanently extend our knowledge in the inertial measurement technology and learn about new applications. The roll alignment application is only the first step on our way of improving the industrial maintenance environment.