Inductive heating tech gaining proponents for automotive interior parts


The model year 2012 passenger car introductions will include vehicles with interior parts made on molds using RocTool's inductive heating technology, as the company sees tremendous growth in automotive. That's newsworthy, but the really interesting bit is in development: the ability to encapsulate essentially any type of 2D material-cotton, linen, silk, photographs and more-between a thin transparent polyamide film and a thermoplastic composite sheet.

Should the technology take off, OEMs could then for instance partner with clothing designers to create special product lines; think "Marco Polo automotive interiors" or "Cell phones from Ralph Lauren."

First to the automotive news. This week in Mannheim, Germany, at the German engineering society's (VDI) Plastics in automotive engineering conference, Matt Boulanger, the company's business development manager, told PlasticsToday that his company's inductive heating technology would be used for a number of interior parts fitted into vehicles that will be launched in 2012....
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