Indian joint venture to make bio-polyol

Japan's Mitsui Chemicals and Itoh Oil Chemical have signed a joint venture agreement with India's Jayant Agro-Organics for the establishment of a company based in Gujarat, India to produce bio-polyol, a raw material for polyurethane foams. An 8,000 tonnes/yr plant is scheduled to start up in January 2015.

Mitsui Chemicals manufactures and distributes polyurethane raw materials for various applications including insulation for refrigerators. The Company is also the largest supplier of polyurethane raw materials for automotive interiors to Japanese manufacturers and is the world's only commercial supplier of non-edible plant-derived bio-polyol.
The joint venture will make bio-polyol cost competitive with fossil derived polyol, allowing Mitsui Chemicals to target further expansion of automotive application sales on its own and through its six system houses strategically located throughout Asia.

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