Indian SUV gets a plastic fender


India's first injection-molded fenders have hit the road in the XUV500 sports utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by local automaker Mahindra & Mahindra (Mumbai). The fender was developed with the support of tier I supplier Plastic Omnium (Paris) and Noryl GTX resin supplier SABIC's Innovative Plastics (Pittsfield, MA).

Upgrading from steel to lightweight, online paintable Noryl GTX resin helped Mahindra & Mahindra to improve the SUV's fuel economy, reduce emissions, greatly expand design freedom, improve gap and flush, and enhance resistance against minor impact. The use of Noryl GTX resin for the fenders helps make the global XUV500 one of the lightest SUVs in its class. This SABIC resin, which can be up to 50 percent lighter than steel, reduced the fender weight by 0.9 kg (1.98 lbs.) - a weight savings of 27 percent. The resin is a blend of polyamide (PA) and modified polyphenylene ether (mPPE) which combines the dimensional stability, low water absorption, and outstanding heat resistance of mPPE with the chemical resistance and flow of PA...
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