Incorez launches bis-oxazolidine with reduced odour

The product has been released to reduce handling and storage costs, as it allows customers to store it at sub-zero temperatures (as low as -15 ?C) without crystallising.

The reduced volatility of the aldehyde leaving group in Incozol EH results in a less pungent odour than bis-oxazolidines based on isobutyraldehyde, making it particularly useful for low odour 1K PU formulations. The product also possesses good in-can stability for both 1K aliphatic and aromatic PU systems.

Ian Williams, Marketing Manager at Incorez, commented on the launch: "Incozol EH is an exciting addition to the current bis-oxazolidine market and is capable of increasing the cure speed of 1K PU systems without the need for metal catalysts.”

Williams continued: "Our customers are always interested in products which help them to improve the performance of their formulated systems, which Incozol EH does. As the product can be stored at lower temperatures without crystallising, this helps to lower handling costs and allows them to be less focused on the stock being affected by weather conditions.”

The product's typical applications include; flooring & balcony systems, roof coatings and sealants.