In the forefront of further education - WEICON well-positioned

German manufacturer of adhesives and sealants WEICON is an international chemical company with a strong focus on the further education of its employees.
Since 2004, the company has a cooperation with the German Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research (IFAM) in Bremen.
WEICON employees travel regularly to the Hanseatic city in order to attend a training in the most important field of WEICON - the bonding technology.
Meanwhile, 60 employees have attended a course in Bremen and can call themselves European Adhesive Bonder or European Adhesive Engineer. This means, half of the staff has been trained successfully to become bonding experts.
WEICON specialists can benefit from their knowledge in many industrial fields, be it the professional advise for customers or the research and development of new products. This strengthens the ability of the company to keep going for a long time.
According to the IFAM in Bremen, WEICON employs - in relation to the total number of employees - the highest number of experts in the field of bonding technology. This is an essential difference to most competitors where the number of especially skilled workers is by far not as high.
"The success of the training is not only verified by the certificates of the IFAM but also by the feedback of our satisfied customers. If they have questions, they receive always professional advise from our experts," says Ralph Weidling, CEO of WEICON.
“With the training of our employees, we prevent the threatening lack of professionals and ensure the sustainable future of our company," explains Weidling.