In memoriam: Fred Cooke and Michael Madden


The plastics industry lost two professionals in the weeks leading up to the end of 2010. Fred Cooke was one of the industry's early pioneers, while Michael Madden was still a very active industry player when he passed away just before Christmas.

Cooke, an Englishman, was born September 11, 1937 and died November 30, 2010. He worked in and around the plastics industry for more than 50 years and was of the generation that pioneered and shaped the industry we know today. Cooke's early efforts were most notable in the development of plastics processing machinery, particularly in injection molding and extrusion. After an apprenticeship with early injection molding machine builder Peco in his native Battersea, and then service with the Royal Engineers, he became a sales and project engineer with Hamilton Machinery Sales, which later was acquired by Demag....

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