Improved purging agent promises no residue at lower purging cost


It's a big promise but the supplier says it has customers' firsthand experience to back it up. This new and improved purging agent combines non-melting but softening thermoplastic scrubbing granules with an expanding proprietary additive. This combination removes color and contamination without leaving behind residue due to the combined power of the thermoplastic's scrubbing action and the expansion of the additive.

The purging compound is called Dyna-Purge K and is supplied by the Dyna-Purge Division of Shuman Plastics Inc (Depew, NY). Nancy Mitchell, the supplier's technical product manager, explains, "Dyna-Purge K expands even more than previous formulations to clean hard to reach areas on the first purge. It cleans faster and reduces scrap and reject rates, while only a small amount of the compound is required."...

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