Impact modifier gives PC/ABS a flow and property boost


A new acrylic impact modifier boosts impact strength and flowability in PC/ABS and other select PC formulations, helping the alloys fend off increasing competition from compounded TPOs and PPs. Arkema's (Philadelphia, PA) Durastrength 410 is the second additive in the Durastrength acrylic impact modifier family, joining Durastrength 410, which launched several years ago, with the newest addition already commercially applied.

Connie Lo, commercial development manager for Arkema's Sustainability Additives Group, told PlasticsToday that a small amount of Durastrength 410 impact modifier incorporated into certain PC formulations eases processing and results in more durable end-use properties in injection molded or extruded parts by improving the alloy's impact and flow behavior-end results that align with the group's goals. "The mission of Arkema's Sustainability Additives Group is to develop additives that will lead to more efficient uses of resources and energy, contribute to less waste, and help grow business for new polymers made from renewable sources of materials," Lo said....
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