Illuminated engine cover lights up Mustang motor: chrome by day, blue by night


LEDs, fiber optic lighting and a plastic engine cover with a translucent structure combine in an innovative engine cover for the 2014 Ford Mustang that appears chrome-colored during the day and illuminated at night. The engine cover is molded from a highly heat resistant acrylic/polycarbonate/nylon blend from EMS-Grivory America (Sumter, SC) by system supplier Colonial Plastics (Clinton Twp., MI), which is also the toolmaker.

The translucent structure of the part that covers the light source incorporates a chromatic layer consisting of metal particles adhered to it via electrostatic deposition. A sealing structure is also in place to prevent ingress of water and protect wiring and lights from engine heat. Red, white and blue lighting options are available, and illumination is triggered when the hood is opened.
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