Illig: French branch office moves to new premises

Illig France officially commenced operation of new premises in Saint-Pierre-du-Perray, conveniently situated in the southern periphery of Paris. Patrick Storck, Managing Director of the French Branch Office, and Wolfgang Illig who represented the Heilbronn parent company could welcome more than 40 long-term Illig customers from the French support area to the Open House event hosted on occasion of the opening of the new building. The thermoforming specialist invested more than one million Euros in the new building for this sales and service station founded by Illig. Illig France currently employ 12 staff members.

The newly constructed building on the premises includes a hall of more than 100 qm with directly adjacent two-storey office building. Its usable space of altogether about 400 qm is spread over a large show room and two rooms for technical training, as well as offices for service, sales, mold design, administration and also conference rooms. In the design stage it was very important for Illig to create an optimum infrastructure to provide comprehensive customer support under one roof, from sales through to reliable customer support on all issues arising in everyday production. A well assorted stock of spare parts is just as important as the possibility to combine theoretical technical training directly with practical instructions. An Illig RV 74c machine is available in the Branch Office in France as of now for this purpose. An automatic vacuum forming machine equipped with many high-performance features.

French Branch Office is oldest Illig subsidiary
The French Branch Office is the oldest Illig subsidiary. Founded in 1976, Illig France moved to rented premises in Evry in 1983, also located in the southern periphery of Paris. This interim solution ended with the move into the new premises, a sound and future-oriented solution.

Illig RV 74c machine
The RV 74c machine employed by Illig France for demonstration purposes and technical training features a maximum forming area of 700 mm x 500 mm and provides all options for forming, punching and stacking of thermoformed parts. The main focus of the demonstration runs that day was placed on PP applications. In the current machine generation high-performance modules ensure simple operation and high process reliability, product quality and energy efficiency. Especially food packs such as trays and hinged packs are manufactured on this machine type. The broad application range of the RV automatic forming machines is supported by the use of cost-effective molds. The user benefits from a system of standard parts which can be employed, as a rule, to build his own forming and punching tools according to specific requirements and in a cost-effective way at the same time. The efficiency is supported by high cycle speeds - up to 35 cycles per minute can be realized. These benefits are particularly relevant for frequently changing, small to medium batch sizes.

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