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Iceland volcano ash did not block Chinaplas 2010 as a successful event

Last week, the 24th Chinaplas has taken place in Shanghai. Although Iceland volcano ash had stuck many European visitors of Chinaplas 2010, it didn’t affect it as a successful event. A few European companies’ booth had no one staff at all. What a pity. But comparing with past events, there were more visitors from South America. Ten exhibition halls were not enough for exhibitors. Organizer had to build up two temporary camps in open air. It was bigger than ever.
Energy-saving products and technology dominated this fair. Such as LED technology and its relative products. All kinds of polymer foam technology and products had received more attention than before. For example, our CO2 foam XPS production line has got more inquiries. Most of them were from Middle East and Indian. It explained that developing countries has been aware of environment protection.
In terms of twin screw extruder, high torque is prevailing. Many Chinese twin screw extruder manufacturers attempted to push high torque series. As the most important part of high torque extruder, gear box has been likely localized. But the quality of most China-made gear box has not been tested by market yet. We have sold out 200 plus sets of TDS-D series high torque twin screw extruder worldwide in the past three years. Up to now no one has been required to open for repair.
Twin screw extruder direct extrusion is becoming popular. This technology appeared in nineteen nineties in Europe and USA. We have used our twin screw extruder in direct extrusion for many polymer processing which requires compounding in-line. For example, PC sheet direct extrusion by twin screw extruder, and PET sheet direct extrusion without pre-dry. By this way, compounding and mold extrusion has been integrated in one step. Not only save energy, but save time and labor as well.
For huge single screw extruder, it is small niche market but very professional. Some visitors were said wow when they saw the picture of our TDD300 single screw extruder. It is the biggest China-made single screw extruder up to now.
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