IPF show update: Sumitomo enhances all-electric credentials


Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Tokyo) has unveiled its latest all-electric series comprising 50, 75, 100, 130, and 180-tonne presses under the Sumitomo Demag EV Series banner at the IPF Show in Tokyo. Taking over from where the DUV series left off, Sumitomo says it has further upped the ante in terms of energy savings, environmental credentials and ease-of-operations with its latest offerings.

"We've reduced servomotor inertia and friction, for example, and thereby enabled a 20% saving in energy consumption," says Hiroyuki Sawaishi, Acting General Manager of Sumitomo's Technology Center. "The new machines also use less than half of the grease [of the preceding series]," he adds.

The performance enhancements on the servomotor side have also led to greater machine precision according to Sumitomo. At IPF, a 100-tonne SE100EV machine was molding coil bobbins from PBT in an eight-cavity tool. Comparisons with the previous DUV series of machines have shown that part weight standard deviation can be improved by up to 30%....
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