IPF 2014: No new machines, but look what we can do with our existing ones!


As with many other Japanese OEMs at the recent IPF Show near Tokyo, injection machine builder Nissei Plastic Industrial (Ueda, Japan) chose to focus on the processing capabilities of its existing machine line-up rather than debut an extensive array of new machines. Company president Hozumi Yoda explained the rationale behind this decision to PlasticsToday during the show.

"During organization committee meetings I attended, the consensus was that we should make this year's IPF different from other shows in Asia where stand-alone machines are typically exhibited. We wanted to display the automation, system and energy-saving capabilities of Japanese machinery," said Yoda. "While no one implicitly said 'no new machines at IPF,' in the end that was happened. In effect we were raising the bar of existing technology and translating this to higher profitability for our customers." One example of Nissei modifying an existing machine was its NEX180III-5ELMN multi-shot liquid silicone rubber (LSR) system based on an existing thermoplastic injection press.

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