Frigel Firenze S.p.A.


Since 1960 Frigel is manufacturing chillers and coolers for the plastic industry and today is one of the Italian leaders in machinery and plants for Industrial Process Cooling.
Our range of products is one of the most complete for the plastic industry, covering all possible applications: injection, blow-moulding, extrusion, thermoforming.
Our technology offers a "new approach" to plastics process cooling and guarantees better control of cooling and process water temperature at each production line with substantial energy and water savings.
Frigel has three major objectives:
1. Finding “optimal” technical Solutions, maximizing performance and operational savings (energy and water);
2. Assuring a global presence with an extensive network of specialized local customer support;
3. A commitment to adopt technical solutions able to minimize the environmental impact.
Frigel is much more than a manufacturer and supplier of Cooling and Temperature Control equipment:
primarily is a real “technical consultant”, able to identify the best solution (in terms of performance, efficiency, environmental impact and thus return on investment) for each application and explain and prove these concepts. This approach is the “heart” of our ability to innovate.
The constant effort in finding the most efficient solutions is very often the trigger of new ideas.
The Adiabatic Liquid Cooler Ecodrygel guarantees the highest performances in its field and the line of Temperature Control Units (Microgel and Turbogel) offers higher output and better quality together with maximum flexibility. With the new line of central chillers, Heavygel EFX, Frigel sets new benchmarks for Process Cooling, introducing the use of the most efficient technologies available today: the three types of compressors used on the EFX line are much more efficient compared to traditional compressors.
Our concept is widely accepted and today the number of installations already made worldwide is over 5,000. More information are available in our Web site www.frigel.com