INEOS: PP and PE production licence contracts in India

INEOS Technologies announced that it has licensed its ‘Innovene PP Process' for the manufacture of polypropylene homopolymers, random and impact copolymers and the ‘Innovene G Process' for the manufacture of linear low density and high density polyethylene to ONGC Petro additions Limited (OPaL).

The 340 KTA Innovene PP plant and the two 360 KTA Innovene G plants will serve the growing demand inside and outside India for household and industrial plastic products. The plants will be located in Dahej Special Economic Zone of Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR) in the State of Gujarat, India. Start up is targeted for December, 2012.

Peter Williams, CEO of INEOS Technologies, commented: "We are proud that INEOS' technology platforms have been selected by OPaL. Our Innovene PP and G processes are ideally suited to meet the product and economic performance demanded by the rapidly growing Indian markets. We look forward to working with
OPaL to deliver a state of the art polyolefins facility by the end of 2012.”

"The selection of INEOS Technologies for these plants was the result of an exhaustive examination of competing technologies. OPaL is confident that this process selection will provide us with products to serve customers both in domestic and global markets,” said OPaL CEO P. K. Johri

More information: www.ineos.com