INEOS: Innovene technology for new petrochemical complex of OHO Nizhnekamskneftekhim

OAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim and INEOS Technologies are pleased to announce that Innovene G and Innovene S polyethylene technologies have been licensed for OAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim's new petrochemical project. The 300 KTA Innovene G and 300 KTA Innovene S plants will be part of a larger expansion at the petrochemical complex in Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tartarstan, Russia. The planned commissioning for the complex is in the 2015 - 2016 timeframe.

The combination of Innovene G gas phase fluid bed and Innovene S slurry phase HDPE provides OAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim with a complete product portfolio. INEOS Technologies HPLL metallocene LLDPE film products will be featured in the product slate along with state of the art PE-100 pipe grades, premium bimodal HMW HDPE film, bimodal blow molding and HDPE commodity molding grades. INEOS Technologies' Carbon Black compounding technology will ensure ISO PE-100 qualification of the pipe grades.

OAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim is a major petrochemical company, a leader in production of synthetic rubbers and plastics in the Russian Federation and is part of TAIF Group. The Company was established in 1967 and its main manufacturing facilities are located in Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan.