INEOS Films becomes Bilcare Research as of 1st December 2010

INEOS Films Group announced yesterday the completion of its legal name change. With effect of 1st December 2010 INEOS Films will become Bilcare Research.

"The existing portfolios of Bilcare Films and Foils and INEOS Films will be merged into the new group, which will become a full range solution provider. The newly appointed Management is currently engaged in putting a new strategy into action. Broad investments in marketing, production and R&D will ensure that we continue to be a leading global manufacturer of films and become a full range solution provider for our customers,” said Dr. Heinz Gaertner, Chairman Bilcare Research AG.

The branding of the businesses will be modified as follows:
Cards Business will become Cards Solutions
Packaging Business will become Packaging Films Solutions
Pharma Business will become Pharma Packaging Innovations
Specialties Business will become Specialty Films Solutions
The website address will change to www.bilcaresolutions.com.

For Cards Solutions the global approach with production facilities in Italy and the US will be strengthened, offering new developments from Bilcare Singapore Technology Center, such as nonClonableIDTM label technologies and biodegradable plastics. Packaging Films Solutions will set up a new strategy, also offering PET films and laminated films, using the production facilities in Germany, India, Italy, Singapore and the US. Investments will be made especially in the lamination.

Pharma Packaging Innovations will step up to become a full range solution provider, integrating the existing Bilcare Films and Aluminium-Foils business. Significant investments in extending coating capacities are already implemented. Further investments to develop new markets have been initiated.

Specialty Films Solutions will offer additional high quality print films in doubling capacities especially for matt surfaces. With an investment in a combined PET extrusion / shrink center, Bilcare Research will provide high shrink PET films solutions, complementing PVC shrink grades.

The names of the legal entities will be changed as follows:
Bilcare AG will become Bilcare Research AG
Bilcare Italia S.r.l., formerly INEOS Films Italia S.r.l., will become Bilcare Research S.r.l.
Bilcare Italia Films S.r.l., formerly INEOS Films S.p.a., will become Bilcare Fucine S.r.l.
INEOS Films GmbH will become Bilcare Research GmbH
INEOS Films Staufen GmbH will become Bilcare Staufen GmbH
INEOS Films Inc. will become Bilcare Research Inc.