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IMERYS Launches New Website for Fiber and Nonwovens Market

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Imerys Performance Minerals, has announced the launch of a new website to reflect its growing capabilities in the Fiber and Nonwovens market.

The website www.nonwovens.imerys.com showcases the new Imerys product FiberLink™, designed specifically to improve Nonwoven sustainability & performance.

FiberLink™ 101S has been engineered to enable the amount of resin used in nonwoven production to be substantially reduced. This reduces the overall carbon footprint of the final product while also providing cost savings. Specific performance enhancement is achieved in certain applications.

The new website has been designed to promote the FiberLink™ product family. It features sufficient technical information to convey the performance, environmental, and economic benefits of using FiberLink™. Perhaps more importantly, the content provides enough information to inspire creativity in development organizations within the nonwovens producer segment, the fiber producers and the nonwovens convertors as well.

Imerys’ Nonwovens Business Development Manager, Craig DePorter has led the online development and believes that the new site reflects the company’s technical expertise and global capabilities in this exciting market sector:

"Many minerals have been classically viewed as inert fillers within the polymer industry, and development programs were primarily driven by cost reduction activities. As such, the interest has ebbed and flowed with the price of the polymer matrix resin. With FiberLink™, we have exploited the technology and knowledge we have used for years in the breathable film industry, where an engineered calcium carbonate is used to impart breathability, to develop a family of functional products designed to deliver distinct and tangible performance and sustainability advantages in nonwovens.”

For further information please contact:

Craig DePorter – Nonwovens Business Development Manager
Phone +33 (0)6 88 38 40 29