IAA in pictures: Old timers, hot rods, something called UP and e-everything


The IAA automotive tradeshow ended last weekend in Frankfurt, Germany, and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), organizer of the event, reports more than 900,000 visited, with 20% of them from abroad. Of the foreign contingent, 20% of it came from Asia, up from 12% at the last (2009) IAA.

I'll spare you the Blair Witch-like video I shot of the hangar-sized, DJ-pumped, groovy dancer filled, mocktail-giveaway VW hall, as my shaky camera hand will make you seasick, but as a regular attendee of this show for more than a decade it was clear to me that the IAA this year was much snazzier-much more expensive and expansive in terms of exhibitors' outlays- than recent IAAs. The automotive industry is healthy and felt like showing off a bit.
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