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Polymer products maker Myers Industries, Inc. (Akron, OH) has started the process of selling off its Lawn & Garden Segment even as it acquires Scepter Corp. and significantly expands its Material Handling Segment.

The Lawn & Garden business sells under several brand names.

-The Dillen and ITML brand markets to professional growers. Products include co-extruded thermoformed pots, hanging baskets, nursery containers, and injection and vacuum flats and trays.
-The Pro Cal brand sells injection-molded, blow-molded, and pressure-formed nursery containers and carrying trays.
-The Listo brand sells decorative resin planters designed to provide the look and feel of clay pottery along with the durability and lighter weight advantages of resin.
-The Akro-Mils Lawn & Garden brand sells decorative baskets, window boxes, and indoor/outdoor planters.
-The Planters' Pride brand offers environmentally friendly grower kits and accessories, including seed starting kits and transplant pots and trays.

Myers has determined that selling Lawn & Garden will help it streamline its business mix and allow it to focus resources on core growth business areas. It expects the sale to be complete within a year. President and CEO John C. Orr said the company feels the Lawn & Garden segment will have better growth opportunities as part of a company that is focused on its primary markets. Myers will report the Lawn & Garden Segment as discontinued operations in future filings.
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