Husky to enter all-electric market at K with preform and medical machines


Long associated with fully hydraulic, and more recently, hybrid hydraulic and electric technology for injection molding machines, Husky (Bolton, ON) will unveil two new all-electric injection molding systems at the K, with one targeting PET preform molders and the other for medical applications. In the case of the PET system, John Galt, Husky's President and CEO, said that his company has applied its beverage packaging experience to develop a small, efficient, and low-maintenance all-electric press that is purpose-built for PET preform manufacturing, adding, "This system will more effectively meet the needs of customers in emerging markets and low-volume or custom producers in more mature economies."

The H-PET AE system is intended to complement Husky's market-leading PET preform product line, the HyPET, which is based on its hybrid Hylectric platform, saying it will offer a high levels of quality and performance, but in a smaller size. The machine will run Husky's Polaris, PC-based controls....
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