Husky’s all-electric makes North American debut at PLASTEC West


Husky's all-electric injection molding machine stopped off in Southern California at the PLASTEC West (booth 4167) show for its North American debut after being launched last fall at Germany's K show. The 100-ton H-Med AE (all-electric) machine is running a 32-cavity mold and shooting 0.18g breather caps in a sub 4-second cycle for a medical device application for ICU Medical.

The cold-half of the mold was created by Tech Mold, with a Husky hot runner system and Altanium control, including Ultra Sync E plate-actuated valve gate. That system runs with a servomotor and ball screw, removing any hydraulic motions from the machine. "We see a trend to move to all-electric actuation, even in the mold," Fred Humbert, Husky's director of business development, medical told PlasticsToday....
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