Hsin Long Thread Rolling Machine Co., Ltd.

Hsin Long Helps Customers Upgrade Parts Accuracy, Performance and Productivity!

Hsin Long Thread Rolling Machine Co., Ltd. is one of Taiwan's most professional manufacturers of precision parts for plastics and rubber processing machines, maintaining close technological cooperation with a foreign manufactutrer in this field.

With a robust research and development department in-house, Hsin Long specializes in processing and manufacturing a wide range of high-precision extruder parts and assemblies for plastics processing machines, and other kinds of parts for precision plastics processing machines.

Since its inception, the company has been devoted to production of high-end products to meet the special requirements of customers from around the world. It has installed a flurry of state-of-the-art production equipment, and employed some sophisticated test and inspection devices to ensure consistent quality of its products.

Hsin Long president, Chen Cheng-Chung says all the company's products have to get through stringent inspection before they are shipped. At present, the company's product lines have been developed newer such as Multiple Layer Die Heads and most of the products could be processed on the OEM procedures.

Besides processing products to domestic market, the company has also penetrated such markets as Japan, Russia, the Philippines, etc. Despite the global financial tsunami, Hsin Long saw slight sales growth in 2008.