How to save thousands on your next hire

Have you ever asked a finalist for a position at your company for their most recent W-2? Russ Riendeau notes that this unconventional interview query could save your company thousands of dollars simply by ensuring that you don't over offer to a potential job candidate. Riendeau, a senior partner at the East Wing Group and an executive head hunter with two decades of experience, said questions like that can help remove excess emotion from the hiring process and put measurable, science-based metrics in their place.

"Hiring is very emotional," Riendeau said. "We hire because we like them, we want to give them a chance. Often, we engage in emotions too much, and not enough science. We fail to measure the process of hiring, training."

Riendeau spoke at the Tech Theater presentation forum presented as part of UBM Canon's collocated advanced technologies shows at Chicago's McCormick Place, including PLASTEC Midwest, Design & Manufacturing Midwest, ATX Midwest, Pack Zone, Quality Expo, and MD&M Chicago....

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