How to optimize mold water design, set-up, and maintenance


When trying to establish process control in plastic injection, watering the tool is a key variable that is often overlooked. Water set-up and design are every bit as important as establishing and recording a repeatable process. How a mold is watered is key to a processor's goal of consistency. If during the design and development stage, watering is put on the back burner as an "unimportant" variable, the potential for lost process control is huge.

Below are some insights into the most important facets of cooling or heating your mold, as well as what recordable data are important in the initial stages of process engineering.

Watering variables
When heating or cooling your tool with water, there are fundamental considerations that factor in to the function of your thermolator or chiller unit's ability to consistently maintain the temperature needed in the molding application you are using. Here are the must-consider functions when establishing mold temperature control:...
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