How do you select materials, optimize manufacturing for medical device transport solutions?


With the increasing complexity of medical equipment, the development of carrying solutions for these products has become significantly more important. Carrying products such as cases, bags and pouches are no longer commodity accessories. Instead, they are now doing far more than just holding and protecting medical devices by also adding measurable functionality and usage value, thus meeting the specific needs of device vendors and their users.

Because medical devices have become so specialized, a diverse range of competencies is required to develop suitably matching carrying solutions. Certainly, a deep understanding of medical and industrial design is vitally important. However, knowledge of mechanical and materials engineering, ergonomics, biological and medical disciplines, manufacturing, economics, and marketing are all necessary to be able to offer a specialty case that can be effectively utilized by emergency medical professionals, hospital teams, clinical professionals or patients. This article looks briefly at the key elements that go into developing a perfectly matched medical equipment carrying solution....
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