How Eagles lineman Todd Herremans got a grip via SLA, injection molding


Offensive guard Todd Herremans is celebrating 10 years with the Philadelphia Eagles this season, and both he and his team are off to a good start with a 5-1 record.

Typically described as a solid player who gets the job done, Herremans maintains a rigorous training regimen to stay at the top of his game. Always looking for ways to improve his workouts, he started squeezing softballs to improve hand strength and dexterity. He found that this exercise worked different muscles in his arms, which led to a what-if moment: What would happen if I added the softballs to the weightlifting bar, he mused. No sooner said than done, he discovered that this was an effective way to build muscle mass. It was time to turn this makeshift exercise helper into a professionally designed and manufactured product. Through his brother, Herremans learned of Eagle Design, a contract design, prototyping, and molding company in Zeeland, MI, and he turned to them to design and develop a prototype of what would become the Spyder Grip.
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