Hot sprue bushings for prototyping and short runs


DME Co. will introduce a line of single hot sprue bushings the company says are ideal for prototyping and short run production. DME’s (Booth #2803) new D-Max line of bushings incorporate the company’s standard slip-on, cast-in heaters on the nozzle body, which provide a more uniform heat profile than traditional square coil heaters.

The standardized bushings enable moldmakers to simulate multi-drop systems using the same basic components but without requiring special heaters, tips, retainers or needles. The D-Max bushings have two zones of heat: a slip-on, cast-in heater on the nozzle body and a square coil heater on the head area of the nozzle. The square coil heater uses a separate thermocouple and gives the user an accurate temperature reading to eliminate the heat soak time normally needed....
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