Hot runner technology for optimal part-to-part consistency

In high cavitation molding, achieving consistent part quality from cavity-to-cavity can be a challenge if the system is not optimized to produce consistent parts shot-after-shot. Dealing with the many variables in the molding process remains one of the biggest challenges a molder faces every day. Yet producing consistent parts is exactly what a plastic injection molding system should do. The ultimate goal is to have a tool that is not only repeatable, but one that can economically produce identical parts across all cavities for the life of the system.

Part-to-part inconsistency can manifest itself in a variety of ways, from short shots to flash, to dimensional variation, to sinks and warp, to mechanical or optical differences. These inconsistencies can limit the process window, lengthen the mold qualification time, or increase costs associated with poor quality, including scrap rate, inspections, warranty, and more.

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