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Honeywell Voted #1 Yet Again for Continuous Sheet / Web Monitoring

At Honeywell we are committed to customer satisfaction. This commitment is recognized yet again by Control Magazine readers for continuous sheet/ web-monitoring and control in the plastics and rubber manufacturing industries. According to Control Magazine, the "Best in Control" rankings represent end user sentiment that places Honeywell at the top of the list in these categories.
And this is why...
Now, more than ever, to remain competitive in the plastic and rubber industries, businesses need to optimize performance to get more out of their existing infrastructure, increase efficiency and protect their technology investment. At Honeywell, we understand your business equirements. Our industry expertise and leading technologies have helped customers around the world increase productivity and product quality. Technologies offered to maximize your business performance include:
- MXProLine - high speed measurement and control system improves film and sheet quality, reduces raw material, increases yield and allows products to be 'on quality' as fast as possible after start-up.
- Experion - integrated line control DCS is a scalable platform ranging from a SCADA system to process historian to fully automated line control including drive and temperature controls.
- OptiVision - manufacturing execution system specifically designed for roll based production processes. Order fulfillment, scheduling, planning and production tracking are all integrated with your ERP system.
- Actuators - Aqualizer precision cross direction re-moisturizing for coaters. ProCoat control of blade and rod coaters. AutoGap actuators for roll coating gaps. CalCoil cross directional control or edge control of Calender nips.
- Pro-Web - digital camera systems detect causes of breaks or faults, particularly useful in high speed applications such as biaxial film or extrusion coating. Web Inspection Systems for 100% sheet surface monitoring.

Let Honeywell show you why we are continuously ranked #1 for continuous sheet/ webmonitoring and control.
Contact your Honeywell account manager, or e-mail us to learn how Honeywell can help you maximize business profitability.