Home is where the manufacturing is


"Home" is a relative term, but for all of us who are concerned about our respective economies, home is where the manufacturing is. The NTMA, PMA and the AMT have an initiative in place to restore U.S. manufacturing with its Reshoring Purchasing Fairs that bring OEM buyers together with U.S. suppliers. Illinois also has a "reshoring" initiative, and Harry Moser's reshoring initiatve has been a hit with U.S. moldmakers and metal fabricators.

Even Mexico has started seeing manufacturing expansion after years of facing the same problem as the U.S., with companies taking manufacturing to China. However, notes a recent article in MexicoNow magazine, it is mostly due to companies already in Mexico expanding their operations. So even for Mexico, bringing manufacturing back "home" is critical to their economy.

In his article in MexicoNow, (Bringing Manufacturing Back Home, May/June 2011) F. Barry Lawrence, Ph.D, Texax A&M University, and the head of the Texas-Mexico Trade Corridor Organization, said that in spite of the fact that "supply chain costs should easily overwhelm any labor savings" for firms leaving Mexico, the TMEX believed that "firms had not done a proper job calculating the supply chain costs."...
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