Home heatlhcare is driving medical plastics innovations


The drive to reduce medical costs in the United States is triggering more patient care in their homes, where costs are lower and there are reduced risks to acquire potentially deadly infections, such as MRSA and other penicillin-resistant bacteria.

That's creating new opportunity for many plastics used in home healthcare devices. For example, mobile medical equipment with polycarbonate housings has been shown at recent Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) events in the past year. SABIC, Styron and Bayer MaterialScience all announced polycarbonate upgrades at MD&M West held earlier this year in Anaheim, CA.

A new entry in the field of home medical plastics comes from Arkema (King Of Prussia, PA), which is introducing a transparent version of its Rilsan biopolyamide 11 for use in breathing masks, tubing and other transparent medical components. Rilsan Clear G-170 MED is described as more transparent than glass and lighter and more flexible than polycarbonate for applications in which patient comfort is required....
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