Hoffer Plastics expands, installs eight new Wittmann Battenfeld presses


Hoffer Plastics Corp. finished 2012 by completing another expansion with its latest “focused factory,” a concept developed by Bob Hoffer, founder of the South Elgin, IL company, in 1953. Today, the company has nine focused factories and operates out of a 365,000-sq-ft facility with more than 100 molding machines in operation, including the eight presses added in 2012.

In spite of what we’ve heard about manufacturing’s doldrums and economic woes, Hoffer Plastics has created a firm foundation upon which to grow even in the down times. In fact, Hoffer originated the “focused factory” as a way to make growth manageable, by creating smaller, 12-press “factories” within the evolving and growing facility. Each of the factories within the factory focuses on a specific type of molding process, press or application.

The focus of Hoffer’s newest focused factory is packaging, and the four newest presses from Wittmann Battenfeld (www.wittmann-ct.com) are running in Plant #4. The newest focused factory is a state-of-the-art plant for high-speed, high-tech molding complete with automation. Wittmann Battenfeld also supplied Hoffer with the robotics, automation, and auxiliary equipment that includes a central material handling system for the new factory.

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