1975 Approval of Canada Standard CSA
1976 Approval of USA standard UL
1980 Approval of USA "A" grade for PE Film Tape
1981 Successful development of Crepe Tape
1983 Increase of production of Special Adhesive Tapes for Electronic Industries
1984 Computerized management system promoting QCC, TQC
1985 UL Approval of Electronic Devices
1986 The acquisition of the head-office building in Taipei
1987 Another land acquisition within Youth Industrial Park and the set up of the Youth Plant II
1990 Public Offering) authorized by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
1995 Achievement of ISO 9002
1996 The victory on "Embossed PVC tape" patent rights lawsuit
1997 December 26th, 1997‧Stock officially traded in OTC
1999 Globe Industries Corporation's 50th anniversary
2000 August 18th 2000, Stock officially listed in the stock market
2002 Investment in Mainland China, acquisition of the land in Zhuhai
2003 ISO 9001 Replacement
2005 Achievement of IMQ, IEC 60454-3-1
2006 Achievement of JIS
2007 ERP Implementation
2011 Achievement of Carbon Footprint Certification