Highly reinforced polyamide makes metal superfluous in front end carrier


Passenger car front end carriers can now be designed exclusively of plastic, as illustrated by the new Skoda Octavia. The vehicle's front end carrier is made of Durethan DP BKV 60 H2.0 EF, a highly reinforced polyamide (PA) 6 from Lanxess (Leverkusen, Germany) with 60% glass-fiber filling.

This structural component is notable in that it contains absolutely no sheet-metal reinforcement. This holds true even when compared to the few all-plastic front end carriers in existence, even those with top cross-members, extending all the way to the fender carriers. "We have the extremely high stiffness and strength of our high-tech polyamide to thank for this achievement. It permits the intricate, thin-walled design of the carrier," explains Boris Koch, structural components expert at Lanxess. The lightweight component was engineered by Faurecia Kunststoffe Automobilsysteme GmbH (Ingolstadt, Germany)....
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