Highly Efficient Flame Retardant for Polypropylene

SaFRon-5371 is a flame retardant system specifically designed by ICL-IP for use in polypropylene.
SaFRon-5371 enables production of polypropylene compounds class V-2 and/or V-0 with very short burning times without need for antimony trioxide. This is in contrast with other flame retardant systems, for which a class V-0 is often difficult to achieve without high loadings.

In PP high impact copolymers, SaFRon-5371 shows significant advantages over other brominated and halogen-free flame retardants:
High FR efficiency getting class V-0 with less than 30% loading and without antimony trioxide
Melt blendable
Light density
High UV/light stability
High impact
DPO free
Non blooming

ICL-IP’s Technical Support Network (TECNET) is providing specific recommendations for processing conditions to optimize usage of SaFRon-5371.
For more information, please come and visit ICL-IP in Hall 7, Stand C26 or contact frinfo@icl-ip.com