High operating profit at Lanxess

From various points of view, Lanxess is positioned very well. Geographically, through a strong investment in Asia Pacific the company was able to participate in the continuing strong growth in the region.

Furthermore, the strict EU requirements for tyres can be met with the two speciality rubbers, Nd-BR and S-SBR, which are supplied by Lanxess as the world's largest synthetic rubber producer. Since Asian tyre manufacturers also want to export their products into European countries, they will aim to receive the EU-tyre labels.

Besides rubber for "green” tyres, Lanxess supplies numerous technical plastics which can substitute heavy metals to achieve energy savings.

Clean water is desperately needed in many countries. In some Arab countries, for example, clean water is often more expensive than gasoline. Lanxess supplies chemicals and ion exchange resins for water treatment.

This way, Heitmann was able to draw attention to the many products of his company, which enable a "greener environ