Matila Industrial Co., Ltd.

High Performance Twin Screw Extruder

Twin Screw Extruder and Underwater Cutting system
With 20-year- experiences on single extruder, and complete support from chemical technology specialists, Matila successfully manufactured our first high performance Co-rotating Twin Extruder in 2008. We devote to produce machines with high quality and performance and with the most competitive price.
EKA-series Twin screw extruder equips with powerful high torque gear box which including the force lubricating system that is able to adjust lubrication pressure. It ensures gear box extremely smooth running.
EKA machine equips with torque limiter which is used between the gear box and motor. When the torque demanded by the systems exceeds a certain value, the coupling disconnects the gear box from the motor inmediately. The value cane be pre-set between arrange of values.
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