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High Performance Calender For Crystal Clear Sheets Optimum Flexibility With A Fourth Pivoted Roll

4 roll high performance calender

BREYERs focus of development in extrusion systems is the optimisation of efficiency, productivity and user-friendliness.

Perfect surfaces and brilliance are adding to the quality of crystal-clear sheets. Economical conditions can limit an optimal quality though.
With the new 4-roll-calender, this situation has been improved. Compared with a 3-roll calender, more roller surfaces are available; hence, higher output rates are possible to produce superior crystal-clear sheets, as well as extremely thick crystal-clear sheets.
The large thickness range of this machine is between 2 and 25 mm.
All four rollers are arranged horizontally to allow an easy access of the die above the roll gap. The pivotal fourth roll is basically important for a quick adjustment of the sheet straightness, because it immediately influences the cooling of the sheet. However, it can also be pivoted upwards when it is not needed. The machine then operates as a traditional 3-roll calender.
The electro-hydraulic gap adjustment goes without any mechanical adjustment parts. The well-established and advanced BREYER polishing gap system allows a precise roll positioning in any desired size within seconds - during production and under full load!
Thus, all three roll gaps can be operated quite fast and conveniently.
The arrangement of the rolls on the machine base offers a free lateral accessibility of the nips between the rolls, so that, for example, dies with deckling systems can be used unobstructedly.
A smart anti-crash device can prevent the user from touching the rolls while in operation - a situation, feared by many production managers, because it can result in a machine downtime. The standard anti-crash setting helps to avoid this situation.