Wacker Chemie AG

High-Performance Silicones for T&D Insulators

POWERSIL® UV is an innovative, cost-effective crosslinking technology for insulation systems used in the T&D sector that combines short cycle times with flexible processing. Crosslinking is triggered by UV light.

Silicone elastomers from the POWERSIL® UV series are UV-active silicones. This means that UV light triggers crosslinking, which then continues at room temperature. Crosslinking of UV silicones takes place rapidly, and can be varied via the processing parameters. No byproducts are released. This opens up scope for new, innovative processing technologies in T&D.

New POWERSIL® 570 PLUS is the world's first insulator coating to be based on a patented silicone-in-water emulsion technology. The water-repellent coating vastly improves the performance of overhead transmission lines.

POWERSIL® 570 PLUS is a solvent-free and tin-free one-component emulsion which serves in the coating of glass and porcelain insulators frequently used to insulate overhead transmission lines. Insulators in coastal and industrial areas are at a greater risk of contamination and their reliability can be particularly compromised by damp. This is where POWERSIL® 570 PLUS comes in: the innovative silicone coating confers outstanding insulation properties, is extremely water-repellent and reliably suppresses the formation of damp pollution layers, thereby preventing insulator flashovers and system outages. Insulators coated with POWERSIL® 570 PLUS reliably pass the 1,000-hour salt-fog test as per IEC 62217.