Hexpol TPE appoint MLPlastics as distribution partner in Germany

MLPlastics, based in Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 2003. Their primary focus is on the development and distribution of specialised technical polymer compounds. MLPlastics will be supporting the market expansion of Hexpol TPE's Lifoflex and Dryflex TPE brands, with grades based on TPS (SBS, and SEBS), TPO and TPV technologies. Specialist grades have been developed including halogen-free flame retardant, conductive, adhesion grades for 2K applications, hydrophilic and compounds offering improved compression set performance. Dryflex and Lifoflex are used in the consumer, automotive, construction, and electronics markets.

MLPlastics will also be working with the group's range of complimentary flexible polymer compounds including Lifolit soft PVC, Lifocork cork compounds, Lifoprene TPU and Lifobatch colour and additive masterbatches.

Speaking of the appointment Sven-M. Druwen, European sales coordinator for Hexpol TPE, commented: "With increasing demand for our products and further potential for our group specialities, we felt the time was right to appoint a distribution partner in the North of Germany, to improve our local presence in area field, especially for small and medium enterprises. MLPlastics with an excellence in plastics processing, a deep knowledge in various plastics combined with a local footprint will be working closely with our team based at Müller Kunststoffe in Lichtenfels, Germany as well as our technical specialists in the UK and Sweden. This agreement will make Hexpol TPE's range of world class products more easily available.”

Patrick Bäßler, Managing Director MLPlastics, added: "Hexpol TPE has one of the widest portfolios of TPE solutions in the market. The advantage to customers is clear; we can offer them the best solution for their application, or indeed several polymers from different classes. This partnership will ensure our customers have access to the technical expertise and specialist knowledge the Hexpol TPE family has to offer with the local contact and supply support from MLPlastics.”