Helvoet Holding B.V.

Helvoet strengthens position in the Automotive market


Helvoet Holding BV, manufacturer of high precision custom made plastic and rubber components, and Schwarzpunkt Schwarz GmbH & Co in Gilching (Bayern/Germany) agreed to a merger in which Helvoet has acquired all shares of Schwarzpunkt.

Schwarzpunkt, established in 1949, is a small-sized high-tech Munich based family-owned business specialized in the development, production, assembly and testing of thermoset and thermoplastic applications with a strong focus on the automotive industry. The company employs about 40 people.

Peter Rijkoort, CEO Helvoet Group says: "The integration of Schwarzpunkt into Helvoet Group is fully in line with Helvoet’s strategic aim to expand and consolidate our activities in selected segments like the automotive industry. It also strengthens our position on the German market with this location close to automotive and industrial customers in the important geographic area Stuttgart – Nürnberg - Munich. Schwarzpunkt adds a strong network and important development capabilities to Helvoet and this will enable Helvoet to support its blue chip customers with a broader product portfolio of dedicated and assembled components.

Schwarzpunkt has advanced solutions for e.g. finishing technologies and a strong network with highly specialized local toolmakers for thermoset moulds. Thanks to their wide network with material suppliers and Universities (Munich and Chemnitz) Schwarzpunkt has strong resources to develop new applications and material characteristics. This acquisition fits therefore perfectly in our growth strategy and our ambition to support our customers in the Automotive industry worldwide. Because we are very complementary, this will create further growth perspective for Schwarzpunkt as well. After a transition period the company name Schwarzpunkt will be changed into Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies GmbH to emphasize the international presence of Helvoet towards our global customers".