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Heidelberg is entering the tube laminate market

Is the future of all tube packaging printing digital?

The Tube packaging market is growing and especially shorter run sizes of 10’000 to 20’000 tubes with high impact decoration are the trend ideally suited for digital printing.

AISA Automation Industrielle SA and HEIDELBERG CSAT GmbH have embraced this trend and signed an exclusive distribution agreement giving Heidelberg access to the largest customer base of tube producers and Aisa the ability to offer digital printing solutions tailored for the needs of the tube industry.

Digitally printed laminate tubes, is a growing market and Heidelberg’s Linoprint L digital drop on demand system, initially developed for label printing, has now been qualified for the printing of high value barrier tube laminates.

At K13 exhibition in Düsseldorf October 16. -23. AISA (booth H4 A35) will showcase Linoprint L printing aluminium barrier tube laminate with minimal waste, a unique capability of Linoprint L to reduce cost for short tube production runs, enabled by the excellent register accuracy and the machine’s drop on demand technology. Printing accuracy will also benefit tube making efficiency and enable decoration to cover almost 360 degrees of an overlapped, side seam tube, which is a first in the industry.

“Aisa’s strategy aims to integrate more value adding production steps into our tube solution portfolio and with the Linoprint L, digital printing machine and our partnership with Heidelberg, Aisa will be able to help customers to better compete within their markets and to develop new markets, where plastic tubes are not yet been used”, says Joachim Sander Marketing Director of Aisa.

Aisa’s tube production machines are available in different output ranges from 60 tubes per minute to 500 tubes per minute; all segments are been covered.

Heidelberg’s Linoprint L offers linear printing speeds of up to 48 meters per minute at 600dpi, in two different printing widths, 210 and 420mm, enough to decorate 100-150 and 200-300 tubes per minute. Aisa’s tube production machines are available in different output ranges from 60 tubes per minute to 500 tubes per minute; all segments are been covered.

Compact machines like the Linoprint L and the SAESA® range both use state of the art technologies making them highly efficient while consuming a minimal amount of resources, this is good for the production cost and the environment. LED UV curing for Linoprint L or High frequency plastic welding for SAESA®, are just two example of technologies being used.

About AISA Automation Industrielle SA

Aisa is the market leader in development, production and sale of tube packaging production solutions. Based in Switzerland, Aisa is a family owned company that has delivered 800 cutting edge machines to 5 continents for the production of plastic packaging. Rich of a 50-year company history; we continuously deliver customised packaging-production lines. These include completely integrated and highly automated systems for mature markets, as well as flexible and reliable entry-level tube-production machines to meet the needs of emerging markets.

We offer custom-made production solutions for new products or prototypes through the expertise of our Engineering Service Solutions.

Our customers are among the best in the industry. They all supply markets with innovative, value-adding packaging, and their products can be found in the pharmaceutical, food and personal care sectors.

Aisa has established three Service Centres on other continents, complementing the technical support system operated from Vouvry, Switzerland:

  • Cincinnati, USA

  • Shanghai, China

  • Pune, India

Aisa is a member of the Swiss SIH Group, a leading global engineering organisation, offering packaging-production technology solutions, as well as R&D packaging and engineering services, to markets worldwide.

About Heidelberg CSAT GmbH

Heidelberg CSAT GmbH is the product of Heidelberg taking over a manufacturer of digital presses for the packaging market in August 2011. This specialist in drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet and electrophotography based in Eggenstein near Karlsruhe occupies a strong position in the pharmaceutical industry and, in the Linoprint L, has a product that is ideal for the label market.

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