Heating system maintains uniform melt, eliminates downtime


Designed to replace conventional heater bands, a heating system from Nordson Xaloy (New Castle, PA) maintains melt uniformity in extrusion melt pipes and adapters, and eliminates downtime caused by having to clean injection nozzles.

SmartHeat coatings can simplify maintenance of injection nozzles and prevent downtime that can result from molten polymer oozing into the spaces between the nozzles and conventional heater bands. Available on new nozzles or as a retrofit, the coating can be easily cleaned without halting production.

Replacing band heaters in melt pipes or adapters with a continuously coated SmartHeat system ensures a consistent temperature over extended lengths. The transfer devices that carry molten polymer from the extruder to downstream equipment can cover considerable distances.

The SmartHeat system consists of two layers of plasma-sprayed metallized ceramic sandwiched between nichrome wire. Because the heat from the wire is conducted throughout the ceramic material, the system raises the temperature of a machine component to target levels more quickly than band heaters, maintains it more uniformly, and uses less energy, according to the company. Thermal insulation wrapped around the ceramic coating virtually eliminates heat loss to the workplace, saving on air conditioning costs and reducing the risk of operator injury.
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